It’s fantastic to have a Sunday school classroom full of children. But what if you’re not busting at the seams yet? What do you do with one, two, or three children? I asked Becky Lane, who has a smaller class, what she does, and this was her response:

“At Apostolic Revival Church (ARC) we ‘think big’ for our twenty-something members and we do our best to operate the Sunday School Department in the same way. For ages 6 through 12 we have two regular students, brothers Sean and Gage; so we are always trying to promote growth through outreach events such as Sunday School contests (promoting memorization, attendance, bringing guests, and unusually good behavior -our curriculum is the fruits of the Spirit this quarter), kid’s Christmas programs, and we just recently had a trunk or treat. One of our most successful outreaches was our “Break Every Chain” lock-in we had in the Spring. Sean and Gage brought 10 guests. All 14 kids that attended were taught the word through three illustrative bible stories, praise songs with actions and an altar invitation. The presence of God was present even at this event. Sean and Gage have worked very hard at bringing guests over the past couple of years and even though none of those students are regular members we pray and believe always that someday they and their families will be members of ARC.

When you are a small group you need to use that time to be more personable with the students and use this time for one-on-one teachable moments. There will be times when you have a wide range of ages and will have to adapt your curriculum for that. It takes a little extra studying time, but well worth it because you are there to plant the seed into the young hearts and minds of every one of those students. For example, much of the curriculum for these ages have skits and you will have to adjust and make it a story instead. Student interaction is always a must, because you need to connect them to Jesus, to you, and to the church as early in their life as possible. We also like using a reward system for unusually good behavior-whether verbally or include it in your contest that you have going.”

In conclusion, always be aware of the power of God that is moving through you in your classroom. You need to be prayed up, studied up, and passionate about what you are doing! People, passion, and purpose. When you have the right people who are passionate and purpose-minded there is no limit to what God can do in the midst of it. It is all for His Kingdom!